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Postpaid Competition in Early March 2018

 SUMMARY Verizon   Continues with its GS9/GS9+ BOGO, but on 3/26 is likely to launch a $300 GS9/GS9+ trade-in offer and a $200 GS8/GS8+ trade-in offer.  Continues with an iPhone BOGO in Philadelphia and in Florida is advertising an offer that provides two lines of unlimited at $80/month for those aged 55+. Continues with a […]

Prepaid Competition in March 2015

Overall Based on checks and conversations with sources, Boost’s strength continued in March and the brand likely was the overall share winner in March and in 1Q15 overall. As noted in the March 3 prepaid report, there were numerous pricing and promotional moves during January and February, but there was little change in March. MetroPCS […]